Decking and Ponds


In the right situation decking can provide the ideal solution to a problem garden, whether it is an area of the garden that slopes away and needs levelling to provide an additional usable area, or maybe a step out into the garden from your door.

Timber decking enables you to create step out areas without bridging the damp proof course of the house.

Timber decking comes in either a hardwood or softwood.

Softwood is a popular choice due to its affordability and wide range selection of handrails and spindles. Hardwood is a more expensive timber to use with less choice of styles, but in some situations may be more appropriate to the property.


The decision to have a water feature or a pond can transform a silent garden into a lively and exciting area with many things happening at one time. Whether you decide to have a formal pond with fish, or a lively natural stone waterfall with lighting and colourful planting, it can completely transform you garden.

Eden Landscapes is also happy to discuss building elements around your water feature to make it safe for families with younger children.